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Batel Plus Corporation
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 (Mon-Fri)

About us

A word from the president

Noriko Miyazaki

For several years we had been doing business in the Hokuriku area and from there to all over Japan until in September 2018 we decided to specialize on the manufacturing industry and established an independent new company – Batel Plus.

We focus on the importance of skin care in the medical field and have put a lot of effort into developing and selling our own products – all unique and new on the market.

Thankfully we have received a lot of praise so far. This achievement however was only possible because we carefully listened to the requests of health care professionals that told us “I wish there was a product like …” which we then put into the development of new products.

Our goal is to become a company that will be able to act globally in the future – so please look forward to the further progress of Batel Plus!

Batel Plus Corporation
Noriko Miyazaki


Batel Plus‘ Vision

We will always

Strive to build up skills
Take actions right away
Aim to provide our customers with the highest quality “skin care products” in Japan.


Based on the spirit of “Add More Color to Your Life”, we actively engage in activities to improve the QOL of our patients.
Aim to create an working environment that is fun, peaceful, and bright, and where employees can interact with each other with sincerity.


Company Profile

Company name Batel Plus Corporation
Established September 1, 2018
Location Main office:
Shinjuku Omi Building 3F, 5-18-20 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
TEL: 03-6427-6157 FAX: 03-6427-6158

Kanazawa Factory:
1 Kawaraichimachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0172

Representative Representative Director and President Noriko Miyazaki


Business lineup

1. Manufacturing and selling of skincare, wound and stoma related products

2. Manufacturing and selling of lymphedema and venous disease related products

3. Manufacturing and selling of products related to points 1. and 2.

4. Import and export of products mentioned under points 1. to 3.

5. Planning and implementation of workshops and seminars

6. All business related to the preceding points


July 2018 Establishment of Batel Plus Co., Ltd. from the Koshiya Medical Care Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office Manufacturing Department
September 2018 Batel Plus Co., Ltd. begins operations
November 2018 “BP antibacterial five toe foot cap” released
June 2019 “Derma Cover – Leg skin cover” released
August 2019 “Cool lala” released
March 2022 “Stoma Dome” released


Membership in following organizations

  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
  • Japanese Society of Wound, Ostomy & Continence Management
  • Japanese Society of Stoma and Continence Rehabilitation
  • Japanese Society of Lymphedema Therapy
  • Japanese Society of Lymphedema
  • The Society for Nursing Science and Engineering
  • International Lymphoedema Framework Japan
  • Medical Lymphdrainage Association of Japan
  • Kanto District Lymphedema Study Group
  • NPO “Learn about lymphedema group”
  • *In no particular order


Supporting following organization

  • NPO “Stoma Image up project”