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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Compliance with laws and regulations Betel Plus Co., Ltd. will comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, as well as various internal regulations, etc., when handling customer personal information.
2. Purpose of use Betel Plus Co., Ltd. acquires personal information for the following purposes.
1) As a business operator who has received a business license to sell medical supplies, as a condition of the business license
To perform what we are obligated to do.
2) To provide customers with better medical supplies and related services.
3) To authenticate and screen customers.
4) Statistically aggregated and analyzed personal information and processed it into a form that cannot identify or identify individuals
To create statistical data.
5) Contact regarding transactions, etc.
6) Provision of products and services handled by Betel Plus Co., Ltd.
7) Notifications regarding products and services handled by Betel Plus Co., Ltd. and related services
8) At fairs, events, etc. held (sponsored, co-sponsored, or sponsored) by Betel Plus Co., Ltd.
Information about
9) Exercise of rights and performance of obligations based on law
10) Requests for product monitors, questionnaire surveys, etc.
11) Responding to inquiries, document requests and other requests
12) Purposes for which the customer has given prior consent
3. Appropriate Acquisition Betel Plus Co., Ltd. will not acquire personal information from customers by deception or other illegal means.
4.Use Betel Plus Co., Ltd. uses customer personal information within the scope specified in “2. Purpose of Use”. If we use your personal information for purposes other than those specified in “2. Purpose of Use”, we will ask for your consent. (Except when permitted by laws and regulations)
5. Provision to third parties Betel Plus Co., Ltd. will not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
1) Our subcontractors or business partners to the extent necessary for operational purposes
When disclosing to (sales agents, shipping companies, etc.).
2) When required by law.
3) When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property,
When it is difficult to obtain your consent.
4) When it is necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of healthy development of children,
When it is difficult to obtain your consent.
5) National institutions, local governments and their contractors carry out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations
when we need to cooperate.
6. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion Betel Plus Co., Ltd. strives to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date. In addition, when a customer requests disclosure of personal information held by our company, we will promptly disclose it based on the prescribed procedure. As a result, if there is any incorrect information, we will promptly correct or delete it.
7.Safety Management Betel Plus Co., Ltd. will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of the personal information it handles and to manage its safety.
8.Education and supervision of employees Betel Plus Co., Ltd. will provide continuous employee training and appropriate supervision to ensure the safe management of personal information when employees handle personal information.
9. Supervision of subcontractors When Betel Plus Co., Ltd. outsources all or part of the handling of personal information, it will provide necessary and appropriate information to the person entrusted to ensure the safe management of the personal information entrusted with the handling. I will supervise you.
10. Complaint Handling Betel Plus Co., Ltd. will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints regarding the handling of personal information.

Procedures for requesting disclosure of personal information

At Betel Plus Co., Ltd., we will respond to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc.

1. Where to request disclosure, etc. For requests for disclosure of personal information, etc., please mail to the following address.
[Address to send the application] 〒160-0022
Shinjuku Omi Building 3F, 5-18-20 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Bethel Plus Co., Ltd. Personal Information Consultation Desk
≪Documents for identity verification≫
・Copies of official documents such as driver’s licenses and passports

Legal representative
・Copy of official certificate such as driver’s license or health insurance card
・Copies of official certificates such as the agent’s driver’s license and health insurance card
・A power of attorney from the principal to the agent
・As a general rule, the certificate of the person’s seal that was used in the power of attorney

When the principal is a minor or a guardian of an adult and a legal representative is requested
・Copy of official certificate such as driver’s license or health insurance card
・Copies of legal representative’s driver’s license, health insurance card, or other public certificate
・Copy of official certificate of legal representative
Please see the notes on the application form for details.

2. Regarding the burden of expenses associated with the execution of the request for “disclosure, etc.”

2. Regarding the burden of expenses associated with the execution of requests for “disclosure, etc.” We may ask the requester to bear the cost required to respond to the request within a reasonable and appropriate range.
3. How to respond to “request for disclosure, etc.” We will reply in writing to the address written on the applicant’s application form.
4. “Purpose of use” of personal information acquired in connection with “request for disclosure, etc.” Personal information acquired in response to a request for disclosure, etc. is limited to the extent necessary for the request for disclosure, etc.
shall be handled.
5. Reasons for non-disclosure of “retained personal data” In the following cases, personal information will not be disclosed.
If we decide not to disclose the information, we will notify you to that effect along with the reason.
In addition, we will charge a prescribed fee even in the case of non-disclosure.

・If the address on the application form and the address on the identity confirmation document of the person or agent are the same
If the person cannot be confirmed, such as being different.
・When the power of attorney cannot be confirmed at the time of application by an agent.
・When there is a deficiency in the prescribed application form.
・When the object of request for disclosure does not correspond to retained personal data.
・When there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper implementation of our business.
・Other cases stipulated by laws and regulations or violation of laws and regulations.